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The husband and wife duo, Meet The Seavers (MTS), shatters the illusion that Nashville Tennessee is only about country music. They have created their own original genre which their fans call “Merge”. It’s a potent concoction of swing, odd time signatures and unusual chord changes wrapped around an ingenious lyric.

Having a reputation for a thoroughly non-Nashville show, The Nashville Scene calls MTS “The Closest thing Nashville has to Vaudeville“.

Costume changes, props, and outlandish wardrobe are all part of the uniqueness which is MTS. Their shows are tailored to each individual performance ranging from upright bass and vocals only to a full band with horn section.

If that wasn’t enough, MTS host and produce their own Television Show which airs several times a week on local Nashville Television, the surrounding region and several states across the U.S.A.

So, we invite you to Meet The Seavers!


Upcoming Shows

No shows booked at the moment.


Nashville COMCAST Channel 19 and AT&T UVERSE Channel 99

Monday 9:30 pm

Friday 10:00 pm

Sunday 9:00 pm

Nashville MUSIC CITY ARTS Channel 9

Wednesday 7:00 pm

Thursday 10:00 am

Saturday 6:30 pm

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Keep A Movin’ – The East Nashvillian

Meet the Seavers: a Valentine’s Day love story – The Tennessean

“Their music is a heady mix of jazz, vaudeville and circus-sideshow music that would provide the perfect Lynch soundtrack. Furthermore, the name of the brand new Meet the Seavers album would be the perfect title for a Lynch film: You Don’t Want to Tango With the Inquisition.” – Nashville Scene

“Seavers is an ambitious songwriter not afraid to drop mythic, literary and historic references. No simple-June clichés for him. He’s a songwriter unwilling to restrict himself to fawning lyrics and instead takes the existence of God, over a shuffle beat no less. He’s out to make a point.”  – CD Ring

“Seavers has achieved the unthinkable- an album with insightful lyrics as well as great music.” -Murfreesboro Pulse

“This is a jazz record for people who hate jazz.” – CD Baby

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