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Of the performers in Music City, how many can say that the act is itself a love story? And how many get to use that love to make art?

The East Nashville husband-and-wife duo Meet The Seavers fit such a description. Dorothy, an accomplished model (and now award-winning bikini body-builder) looking for romance outside of the cultural void of Mississippi, found her match in Jace – a musician who thought love songs were shallow and trite. Their courtship led to Dorothy finding her match, but there was still something missing from her life.

Ever at her side, Jace recognized the talent in Dorothy and encouraged her to pursue singing through a vocal coach. Getting both the creative and spiritual nourishment she needed, Dorothy had the tools necessary to start tackling Jace’s music, and the two began practicing as a full-fledged duo. Slowly overcoming her own fears, Dorothy’s singing brought fanfare through the act. And as their connections matured, both were able to pull from their feelings while helping each other improve. Jace was able to write a wider gamut of songs, and that balance has helped Meet The Seavers reach their audience.

Meet The Seavers is produced by the boundless amore felt by the two artists. Described by the musicians as “outsider jazz,” the genre pulls from the elegance era of entertainment and artists such as Tom Waits and Charles Mingus. It incorporates the visual elements of kitsch, swing and odd time signatures wrapped in a clever lyric. The intentional limit of upright bass and vocals is designed to show the Seavers’ combined talents: Jace is the bombastic ringleader, Dorothy is the main attraction, and the addition of keyboards, drums, and horns often fleshing out the rest of their “circus of sound.” The music ranges from the traditional tracks like “Smile Like A Candy Jar” and “Fall In Love Someday” to the layered humor of “The Language of Your Clothes” and “The Cruelty You Flaunt”, and the sounds of distant times like “Strange Menageries” and “If I Were A Nightingale.”

Meet The Seavers have produced two records and a twenty song comedy-musical titled “Throwing Stones at the Sun” about the Spanish Inquisition that features music of the swing, klezmer, and tango variety. They have played venues all over the region and events like the East Nashville Tomato Fest and local venues that include downtown Nashville’s monthly Art Crawl. Meet The Seavers have also enjoyed press from major publications in the Middle Tennessee area, with the Nashville Scene hailing them as “the closest thing Nashville has to Vaudeville.”

In addition to the music, the act Meet The Seavers also have their own public access television program of the same name that serves as a curator to Nashville’s most eclectic, non-country music acts, which is a mix between the 70’s television influences; a bit of Carol Burnett’s comedic graces, a bit of Lawrence Welk’s flamboyant aesthetics, and the old radio varietals that makes for a program that’s like a forgotten floor show.

Meet The Seavers are currently planning their new release for the middle of 2017, and fans are encourage to throw roses and scads of money their way for the next release. They can’t wait to share their love with new fans.


Upcoming Shows

Date City Venue Country
03/18/17 NASHVILLE PRIVATE EVENT United States
Time: 5:00pm. Age restrictions: No Minors. performing at Nashville NONES Convention
03/22/17 Nashville, TN Alley Taps United States
Time: 9:00pm. Age restrictions: No Minors. Address: 162 Printers Alley. Performing at Short Set with full band for TOMMY’S TRACKS
03/30/17 NASHVILLE PRIVATE EVENT United States
Time: 8:00pm. Age restrictions: No Minors.
04/05/17 Nashville, TN Commodore Lounge United States
Time: 9:00pm. Age restrictions: No Minors. Address: 2613 West End Ave. Taking Part in Debbie Champion’s Writers Nite

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Keep A Movin’ – The East Nashvillian

Meet the Seavers: a Valentine’s Day love story – The Tennessean

“Their music is a heady mix of jazz, vaudeville and circus-sideshow music that would provide the perfect Lynch soundtrack. Furthermore, the name of the brand new Meet the Seavers album would be the perfect title for a Lynch film: You Don’t Want to Tango With the Inquisition.” – Nashville Scene

“Seavers is an ambitious songwriter not afraid to drop mythic, literary and historic references. No simple-June clichés for him. He’s a songwriter unwilling to restrict himself to fawning lyrics and instead takes the existence of God, over a shuffle beat no less. He’s out to make a point.”  – CD Ring

“Seavers has achieved the unthinkable- an album with insightful lyrics as well as great music.” -Murfreesboro Pulse

“This is a jazz record for people who hate jazz.” – CD Baby

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