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Like absinthe in a baby bottle, the music of Meet The Seavers is unexpected.

A potent concoction of swing – musical – theater wrapped around a clever lyric, one is given the impression that they are hearing something Tom Waits wrote for Sinatra and Nina Simone.

The cigar smoking, interracial couple from East Nashville are more than an oddity: They don’t fit in.

In addition to the music, Meet The Seavers also have their own public access television program of the same name, that serves as a curator to Nashville’s most eclectic, non-country music acts. The show is a mix between the 70’s television influences; a bit of Carol Burnett’s comedic graces, a bit of Lawrence Welk’s flamboyant aesthetics, and the old radio varietals that makes for a program that’s like a forgotten floor show.

Dorothy, an accomplished model, actress (and now award-winning bikini body-builder) comes from a small town in Mississippi where railroad tracks historically separated the white side of town from the black side. Growing up, Dorothy was an overall wearing Tomboy who lettered in basketball and track. At the same time, she was the Prom Queen at her high school and graduated second in her class.

Jace was born Eleven minutes after Eleven on November 11th. His parents chose his first name after a character in a Saturday morning cartoon. His last name was changed from Johnson to Seavers when he was adopted after his father’s suicide. Jace grew up on the eastern shore of Wisconsin in the small town of Manitowoc. He moved to Chicago in the early 80’s and joined a 500 member commune which helped feed several hundred homeless people daily. A local musician, noticing Jace’s disproportionally large hands suggested that they would be perfect for Bass playing. Within a year, Jace was playing bass for a 40 voice black gospel choir. Jace also began writing his own music and lyrics during this time, and wrote Atheist lyrics for an independent Christian label. Seeking a more fertile ground for his music, Jace moved to Nashville in the early 90’s and performed regularly in a Jazz-Poetry ensemble before starting his own group.

Even though they were both rejected by the dating website E Harmony, (who could not find either of them a match) they still managed to find each other and fall in love.

Jace, recognizing Dorothy’s talent and presence onstage, encouraged her to pursue singing through a vocal coach. The two soon began performing with only upright bass and vocals at Nashville songwriter venues. “People didn’t know what to think of us. Rooms became really quiet when we played. We didn’t fit in. We weren’t Country, Jazz, Americana or Pop, but we were having so much fun together we kept at it.” Says Dorothy.

When the duo plays larger venues, they are fully able to bring their “alchemy of sound” to life with the addition of some of Nashville’s finest musicians accompanying them on keyboards, drums, and horns. Dorothy playing the occasional Theremin.

Meet The Seavers have produced two records to date and a twenty song comedy-musical about the Spanish Inquisition entitled “Throwing Stones at the Sun”. The musical features original compositions in Swing, Waltz, Klezmer, Tango and other odd time signatures

Meet The Seavers have played venues and festivals all over the region such as the East Nashville Tomato Fest, Franklin Main Street Festival, the Nashville Downtown Partnership First Saturday Art Crawl and the Lower Town Arts and Music Festival in Paducah KY. They have performed at local venues that include The Frist Center For The Arts, countless clubs, restaurants, wineries, private events and even a Supermarket or two.

Meet The Seavers have enjoyed press from major publications in the Middle Tennessee area such as The Tennessean, Nashville Arts Magazine and a cover story in the East Nashvillian. The Nashville Scene hails them as “the closest thing Nashville has to Vaudeville.”

Meet The Seavers brings their special brand of performance to each show and are dressed to play the part. They come to entertain, not just sing songs. They don’t fit in, but they hope that you’ll find room for them anyways.


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Upcoming Shows

Date City Venue Country
11/23/19 SHEBOYGAN, WI LIMELIGHT PUB United States
Time: 7:00pm. Age restrictions: No Minors. Address: 1702 S 17TH STREET. Venue phone: 920-453-0233.
11/29/19 Two Rivers, WI Lighthouse Inn – Gulls Nest United States
Time: 7:30pm. Age restrictions: No Minors. Address: 1515 Memorial Drive. Venue phone: 920-793-4524.
02/14/20 Watertown, TN Watertown Valentines day United States
Time: 7:00pm. Admission: TBA. Age restrictions: No Minors.

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“Their music is a heady mix of jazz, vaudeville and circus-sideshow music that would provide the perfect Lynch soundtrack. Furthermore, the name of the brand new Meet the Seavers album would be the perfect title for a Lynch film: You Don’t Want to Tango With the Inquisition.” – Nashville Scene

“Seavers is an ambitious songwriter not afraid to drop mythic, literary and historic references. No simple-June clichés for him. He’s a songwriter unwilling to restrict himself to fawning lyrics and instead takes the existence of God, over a shuffle beat no less. He’s out to make a point.”  – CD Ring

“Seavers has achieved the unthinkable- an album with insightful lyrics as well as great music.” -Murfreesboro Pulse

“This is a jazz record for people who hate jazz.” – CD Baby

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