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About MTS

Posted on 10 Mar 2015 Comments Off on About MTS

Like absinthe in a baby bottle, the music of Meet The Seavers is unexpected.

They don’t fit in and they like it that way.

Often performing with just Upright Bass, Theremin and vocals, their music is  a potent concoction of swing, odd time signatures and unusual chord changes wrapped around an ingenious lyric.

The Nashville Scene calls MTS “The Closest thing Nashville has to Vaudeville“.

Meet the Seavers hosted and produced their own musical variety Television Show: “The Meet The Seavers Show” which ran from 2014 to 2019. The show was coined “a 21st century Sonny and Cher” and featured comedic skits, musical performances and artist interviews. It ran in the greater Nashville area and dozens of other syndicates across the U.S.

Dorothy, an accomplished model, actress (and now award-winning bikini body-builder) comes from a small town in Mississippi where railroad tracks historically separated the white side of town from the black side. Growing up, Dorothy was an overall wearing Tomboy who lettered in basketball and track. At the same time, she was the Prom Queen at her high school and graduated second in her class.

Jace grew up on the eastern shore of Wisconsin in the small town of Manitowoc. He moved to Chicago in the early 80’s and for several years played bass for a large black gospel choir. Jace wrote lyrics for island records before eventually moving to Nashville in the early 90’s and formed a Jazz-poetry group.

Even though they were both rejected by the dating website E Harmony, (who could not find either of them a match) they still managed to find each other and fall in love.

Jace, recognizing Dorothy’s talent and presence onstage, encouraged her to pursue singing through a vocal coach. The two soon began performing with only upright bass and vocals at Nashville songwriter venues. Rooms became suddenly quiet when they performed. People didn’t know what to think of them.

They aren’t Country, Jazz, Americana, Rock or Pop, They don’t fit in.

Whatever they are, it’s unique and wonderful.