About MTS

Posted on 10 Mar 2015 Comments Off on About MTS

Like absinthe in a baby bottle, the music of Meet The Seavers is unexpected.

They don’t fit in and they like it that way.
Their music is all original. There are no fees to ASCAP, SESAC or BMI.

There are three performance options:

#1- Duo consisting of Upright bass, 2 vocals, and the occasional Theremin.  This is an unusual instrumental arrangement, but it is very effective, affordable, and the most requested.

#2- Quartet. Audiences get to experience their music more fully with added instrumentation which will add horn parts, harmony and/or percussion.

#3- Full band. All their music has been scored for Big Band. If you want the full Meet The Seavers Experience, this is it!

Meet the Seavers hosted and produced their own musical variety Television Show: “The Meet The Seavers Show” ran for 5 years in Tennessee and various cities around the country. The show was coined “a 21st century Sonny and Cher” and featured comedic skits, musical performances, and artist interviews.

Meet The Seavers relocated to Wisconsin in 2021 and has quickly acquired the reputation for being one of the most unique and entertaining acts in the region.

No one sounds like Meet The Seavers.
No one looks like Meet The Seavers.
No one performs like Meet The Seavers.

Fans categorize their music as New Century Swing. A little bit of swing, odd time signatures, hypnotic beats combined with poetic lyricism and an avant-garde performance makes their shows refreshing and memorable!

They aren’t Country, Jazz, Americana, Rock, or Pop; They Don’t Fit In.

Whatever they are, it’s unique and wonderful.