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Nouveau Vaudeville | Meet The Seavers – Debbie Burke

Keep A Movin’ – The East Nashvillian

Meet the Seavers: a Valentine’s Day love story – The Tennessean

“Their music is a heady mix of jazz, vaudeville, and circus-sideshow music that would provide the perfect Lynch soundtrack. Furthermore, the name of the brand new Meet the Seavers album would be the perfect title for a Lynch film: You Don’t Want to Tango With the Inquisition.” – Nashville Scene

“Seavers is an ambitious songwriter not afraid to drop mythic, literary, and historic references. No simple-June clichés for him. He’s a songwriter unwilling to restrict himself to fawning lyrics and instead takes the existence of God, over a shuffle beat no less. He’s out to make a point.”  – CD Ring

“Seavers has achieved the unthinkable- an album with insightful lyrics as well as great music.” -Murfreesboro Pulse

“This is a jazz record for people who hate jazz.” – CD Baby